Monday, September 10, 2012

7 months.

Yes, it's been like 6432187 years since i posted something here. :(((((((((((((( *sigh
ze last time i checked? 1st week of Feb. time flies so fast, eh? x 
Well, let's have a short recap why it took me so long to blooooooooooog. :p *you can skip reading the reason/s whywhywhywhy* ze hell you care, right? haha :D 
So from feb, march, to april my life as a student was like hell!!!! *yes with extra 3 exclamation point* requirements,cases,extensions and all the unending paper works for nursing studs like us :/  but believe it or not, i made it till the last day on our Graduation! yeeehaaa! :D but still, 'twas just ze first step. Currently, on a severe anxiety right now for the upcoming NLE Board Exam this December :s *PRESSURED!!!!!* ughhhhh ASDFGHJKJKL! #suckstobeanursingstudent :/ 
i never wanted this course but for the sake of my parents *yes, it's their will for me to study NURSING* and i can't comlain and just pass the board exam, be a registered nurse! that's it!
 Annnnnnnd my dreams will follow... study dentistry, pass the dent board, be a Doctor, get a masteral degree for business abroad *if God permits and if mom is still on for our deal*, study fashion designing abroad *yes, again.. if mom's still gonna support me. haha* and then get married with a Prince! LOLjk. but heck yeah i'm 101% sure all Royal Prince is unavailable by that time. haha still i wanna get married, get a tatto, get skinny on/or before i reach 30 and for my wedding! haha :D 
imma end this post. i know you guys are now rolling on the floor laughing. haha so much for my dreams! but yes, im still on it! lezzzzzgooo! :D


xx, essa

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