Thursday, July 21, 2011

C O L O R S xX

Photos from BLANC KANVAS*

           Hurraaay to my 1st post for my new blog! *since, i forgot the pw of my old blog. .sigh* I'm doing a quick post for my love with bright colors! hee(: Off shoulder top are so back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want all these in different colors. ASAP. *am i exaggerating?* HAHA ktnxbyeeeeeeeee! ;*
            Anyways, I need to sleep now. its 45 mins to 12:00 am and i haven't started my reqs. o.O will update you guys as soon as i can. i need to wake up early for our LAST DAY on my 3RD-WEEK DUTY! Yaay! Hello weekend!(: 

bonne nuit! ;*
- e s s a <3