Sunday, February 05, 2012

its been awhile.

and yes, its been awhile since my last post. sorry bout' that. :c
i've been very busy since our duty / classes started. it took me a month to blog again. #sadreality
anyways, here's my fave photo above from alexa's 20th last 011412. waited 4 hours to welcome alexa's DAY w/c also the same day of Cebu's Mardi Gras --- SiNULOG! *w.o.f.m. next post(: 

aaand my 2nd fave photo for the night! thanks to DY. heee.

zee girls at alexa's.

my one and only baby. <3

the bday girl lookin' so inlove with her boyfie. <3 now thisisLOVE.


- essa <3