Sunday, July 31, 2011

T3 and HP7!

3 weeks ago, my lovie Nica and Mikkah went to Ayala to watch Transformers 3 for our first movie date together w/ Mikkah. *since she's a freshie here in Cebu.* We met at the Cinemas hassle-free since Nica reserved tickets before the day we planned to watch T3! :d

Mikkah and Nica with their Zagu's :D

Mikkah and I :D

After watching, we met up with my sister *duuuuuhhh* and Karlo. haha Okay, we had a fight on the phone while watching the movie. She's zooper mad at me since i forgot to tell nica to reserve a ticket for her and its not my fault coz she's very laaaaaaateeeee.

OWEEM! i look asdhgkhlha ugly. haha

Had dinner at Moon Cafe. Nica's treat! Thanks my Love! ;*

After din din we had Macaroons! :D

macaroons <3

Macaroons is our fave. Right Nica? haha :)
After a week, and my sister had a date together and watched Harry Potter 7! haha *Yes, we were friends already!* ;p


My Grade schooler sister! haha ;p

Had a quick shoot after strolling around the mall then went home right after :)

- e s s a <3

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